This set of Architectural blocks is a dream toy to those who are relentless builders. If you are very young, we bet that a natural, creative spirit is bubbling away in your hands and mind. You may well need some quality construction materials to keep this spirit going. 


This set is inspired by art and architecture. Look around - we live in a world of blocks and triangles, staircases and arches. Small children may need some generalization to understand complex things, and this architectural set is of great help. The elements are versatile and thoughtful. Children can endlessly create new combinations with them testing which ones work better than others. 


This toy works perfectly to develop socializing skills and collaboration within group games, as children can discuss with each other what element is needed for their imaginary city and how to position it.


Terracotta, clay, olive, mustard, pink and white - these are the tones of natural materials, which have prevailed in architecture for centuries in many cultures. You can explain the origin of the materials and why architecture in various locations displays a lot of similarities.

The Architectural Blocks Set is created in Russia, handmade by third-generation carpenters. The solid wood for the toy is sustainably sourced, and the producer uses non-toxic water-based paints, developed especially for kids’ toys. The toy is not lacquered to give more tactile contact with the warm surface of the natural wood.


AGE: Recommended for children 3+ who are no longer teething/chewing their toys. Kids under 3 years old can play with the toy under supervision of the adults.


KIT SIZE (approximately): 33 x 28 x 4 cm (13 x 11 x 1.6 in)


MATERIAL: solid lime wood, non-toxic water-based paint


NOTE: Actual colours may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and on the individual monitor colours settings.




PACKAGING: the toy comes in a cardboard box

Apartment Building Blocks Set

  • Toys should not be submerged in water, use a damp cloth to wipe them. Proper use is absolutely safe. Actual colors may vary a little from pictures, due to unique wood features and monitor settings.