Our umbrellas for children by Grech and Co (the Netherlands) are proudly made with sustainable and eco-friendly materials. 


The fabric of the umbrella is made from recycled used bottles turned into the polyester fabric - and is biodegradable!


The frame of the umbrella is made of fibreglass, offering strength against wind force.

Made with a vegan leather finish, the handle completes the fun yet sophisticated aesthetic of the umbrella, while offering a friendlier material solution over traditional plastic.




- Safe manual child-friendly open and close function

- Fibreglass (windproof) frame 

- Velcro closure strap 

- Anti-slip handle in leather 

- Rounded ballpoints for a safe frame solution 

- Great for all-weather use


SIZE:  48 cm approximately


AGE: Recommended for 3 years and up


DESIGN AND PRODUCTION: Grech & Co (the Netherlands)

Sustainable Umbrella for Children